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Anonymous comment

I would like to have more clarification regarding apparent disconnect between the "Argument Title" and the structure of response.

Let me elaborate with an example.

For the question "Nonproliferation: Would the NTBT help with non-proliferation efforts? " the expected response would be a YES or NO and then the the arguments supporting why its a YES or why its a NO. But I see the answer being in PRO CON structure. In my opinion the PRO/CON response would not be suitable when its a question thats asked.

So I propose two alternatives

1) Either change the "Argument title" to a proposition. In the above case it would be "Nonproliferation: NTBT as a means of ensuring non-proliferation". You would notice that the PRO and CON arguments make a better connect with that proposition statement instead of framing the same "Argument Title" as a question.


2) Change the argument format to YES/NO and keeping the "Argument Title" the same as before. I understand this is about semantics but I believe these things can improve the total quality of the article.

Nike 03:18, 20 June 2009 (CDT)

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