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Trust between parent and child

As a teenageer who has "no curfew" there are a few things you must understand. The agreement between my father and I about not having a curfew, is just something i have been raised with. It shows a special bond of trust between parent and child. The deal is that if i want to stay out late, so be it as long as i call and tell him where i am. By putting a curfew on children, you reduce the freedom alotted to parents used in either disciplining or rewarding their children. If you are a parent, you truly know what is both productive and destructive to your child. Better yet, most parent's in todays society seem to have forgotten what it was to be a kid, young and free. The rights that you had as a kid should not be taken from your own offspring. If you didn't experience ultimate freedom as a teen, do you not resent your parents for it?? The only way to truly gain respect from your kids is to first trust them, and talk to them. Don't over react when they screw up, for we are only human. Instead talk to your kids when they mess up, and don't use the taking of objects or privelages as a punishment. The government has no right to infringe on your rights as a human. They can't tell you where to walk and when. Don't let the higher up's destroy your natural rights.

Comment by lucky

I believe parents shouldnt be so strick on curfew times from experince we all know what its like to be trapped in the house with people you are with constantly. Age does matter but with teens and near teens the time should be stretched and discussed with the parents and teens or near teen. Parents and child should reach an understanding.

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