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YES...Smoking should be banned totally in public places. It is a dangerous health hazard,not only for the active chain smoker but also equally harmful for the passive smokers(people who are exposed to the smoke).It ruins a person's healthy life and also turns into a serious addiction in the long run. It has negative impacts on many body organs like the lungs,throat and mouth.It leads to ulcers and gradually forces a person to fall prey to the deadly disease called Cancer.Also,it does not reduce stress but further makes a person more irritable as well as violent by nature.Today,more than half of the deaths in the world are due to consumption of tobacco in the form of cigarettes.People ought to understand the value of their lives and should stop this awful habit of smoking as soon as they can, to increase their own life spans. And as far as smoking in public places is concerned,it is an illegal action and each citizen has the right to protest against it.By enforcing a rigid ban on such an activity,we can become better citizens of this planet.

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