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Animals in Sports and Entertainment is not at all a bad idea, as long as they enjoy being a part of the activity. Humans have the power to think and the ability of controlling the animals with their skills. As the known fact is that the forests and the greenery is slowly vanishing from the Earth. The wild are becoming homeless. Under present situation it is very much our responsibility to help our fellow creatures to provide their home. And if we cannot do that, at least help them to live with us. The wild "blood sports" in any case will not help us to build a relation with the animals. Sports which entertain both the animals and the humans should be encouraged and broadcast.


Those who have had animals in their homes or yards or farms and those who have watched animal behaviour would know that animals have the same fears, the same desire to live and the same desire to be free as we humans do; that animals feel pain and suffering, that they are traumatised by the apprehension of injury or death. There can be no serious debate on this.

The question then is, how do we as the most intelligent form of animals deal with our fellow animals? The "use" of animals are of different kinds. Eg: for food and sustenance, for health and disease, for entertainment, for sport.

I believe that all of us who care about animals and are motivated to do something about it, need to come together and deal with the issue in a practical and effective way. Of the above "uses" we could begin with the last, viz. the use of animals for sport. There is no question of saying that animals enjoy being used for the pleasure and entertinment of humans. There are sports that are less stressful and less painful for the animal than others. Sports that use animals should be graded on a scale of most cruel to least cruel, and then take the fight on behalf the victim animals one by one and see it through - to the end of that sport.

it would be crul to anmils and may kill them.

Harindra Dunuwille, Sri Lanka e-mail :

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