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Talk:Debate: Abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education

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It's terribly naive to think ignoring that teen sex is an issue will will render the issue non-existent. It's ridiculous to think that those teenagers who are not thinking about sex and are unlikely to have an early first sexual experience are going to be rendered horny maniacs just because they are taught the unglamourous facts about sex. Have you been to a sex ed lesson - it's hardly the highlights of the Kama Sutra. Teenagers are often at a time that they are thinking about sex and relationships anyway, so for the benefit of those that may not have the sense to protect themselves but will have sex anyway, educating about prevention of STIs and pregnancy is the smart way of managing the issue.

I think that the increasing rates of teenage STIs, pregnancy and the shocking rise in abortion is more to do with the oft cited decaying fabric of society's values in relationships, family and life. Pop culture is increasingly sexualised. Just watch MTV for five minutes - there's nothing coy about anything children are exposed to from the media. Although I do not suggest it's an easy issue, perhaps we should address these attitudes rather than bashing the Western educational system for answering questions that many teenagers will raise anyway.

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