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Better SEO for Debatepedia

The SEO extension for MediaWiki is installed. The tag <seo> allows you to add titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions to individual pages in this wiki. This helps search engines more accurately determine the content of a particular page. An example of it is used on this page. Below you'll find an explanation of how to use it.


When you enter

<seo title="word1,word2,..." metakeywords="word1,word2,..." metadescription="word1,word2,..." />

...or the shorter...

<seo title="word1,word2,..." metak="word1,word2,..." metad="word1,word2,..." />

in a wiki-article some words are added to the html title and meta headers. This makes SEO (search engine optimization) with MediaWiki easier.

For example, the above would become:

<title>Original title, word1,word2,...</title>         (the string ", word1,word2,..." is added)
<meta name="keywords" content="word1,word2,..." />     

(this is a new meta tag - existing metas are left untouched)

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