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Welcome to the 2008 IDEA Youth Forum! This portal page on IDEA's Debatepedia will be your home base for the next two weeks. Here you will find information you need, resources you can use, and examples of the work coming out of all of the tracks at the Forum. To find this page from anywhere else in Debatepedia, just search "forum" in the search bar.

Tracks at the Forum

See the sections below for course descriptions, materials and tips regarding each of the tracks at the Forum.

Mixed Teams Track

The Mixed Team Track has been the core of the Youth Forum, since its beginning. We believe in its true virtue of learning about cultural difference and dialogue by doing. We create debate teams and classrooms based on the debate experience and cultural diversity to allow for unforced exchange of ideas and approaches to various issue of debate and life around them.

The Newcomers Track

For the second time in row, IDEA Youth Forum will open The Newcomers Track. The purpose of this track is to introduce students new to Karl Popper debate to the format and rules of the game and provide them with a basic knowledge of debate and argumentation concepts.

Capacity Building Track

Already for the second time in row the IDEA Youth Forum 2008 features a debate training track to facilitate capacity building in our debate communities.

British Parliamentary Track
Participants in this track will gain the skills and tools needed to strengthen their debate programs. This track will help experienced debaters transition into being coaches, judges, trainers or debate program developers. The curriculum will cover topics such as: strategies for retaining debaters and coaches; training new debate formats; organizing and running workshops and tournaments; organizing and running public debates; designing debate inclusion programs and leadership training.
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