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Cheap energy is the basis of the industrial society as we know it today. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution more than 200 years ago, major part of the energy is coming from carbon based fossil fuels - coal and oil. In fact, even today, the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy is still increasing. As the reserves of coal and oil are dwindling, a question naturally arises - what will supplant them in the future?

Key aspects of (future) energy technology

  • Scalability - can the technology be applied on a mass scale?
  • Sustainability - if it works today, can it work tomorrow?
  • Environmental friendliness - is the technology clean?
  • Availability - is the technology applicable worldwide, or is it limited only to some countries/places?
  • Safety - is the technology safe?
  • Price - how much does the future energy technology cost? What is the outlook of the price for the future?

Energy sources

Energy storage - synthetic fuels, energy carriers

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