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Argument: Kosovars strongly desire independence

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Supporting evidence

  • Charles Kupchan, Senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations. "Independence for Kosovo". Foreign Affairs. November/December 2005 - "The case for independence, however, rests not on Kosovo's readiness, but on the lack of realistic alternatives. Ethnic Albanians are now in command, and they are adamant about breaking away from Serbia. As Kosovo's prime minister, Bajram Kosumi, made clear in his office in Pristina, 'The people of Kosovo will decide their own future. ... If Kosovo does not become independent, there will be serious consequences.' Kosovo's Albanians have reached their limits; the atrocities and injustices of the past, combined with the empowerment of the present, make it all but impossible to envisage the continuation of Serbian sovereignty. Unfortunately, continued sovereignty is exactly what the Serbian government has in mind."


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