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Debating SA Incorporated (Debating SA) is a not-for-profit organisation that operates across the state of South Australia to provide debating activities for Primary and Secondary School students. The organisation runs an annual inter-school debating competition.

In addition to its schools' competition, the organisation runs an annual Global Issues Tournament which is a debating tournament for students in Years 8 and 9 which aims to promote the debate of issues facing the international community, and frequently provides debaters and adjudicators for public debates and events.

The organisation is a member of the International Debate Education Association.


The organisation was originally formed as the Schools Debating Union (SDU) in 1991 when it became apparent that a different direction for debating in South Australia was needed. Upon incorporation in 2001, the organisation's name was changed to The Students' Debating Association of South Australia and the trading name Students' Debating SA (SDSA) was adopted. In 2003 the organisation's name was changed to Debating SA Incorporated.

Debating SA became the sole Australian member of the International Debate Education Association in 2000.

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