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Debatepedia top 10 pro/con articles

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A list of Debatepedia's top 10 best, most comprehensive, and perhaps most important articles:

  1. Nuclear energy - Is nuclear energy worth exploiting?
  2. Death penalty - Is the death penalty ever justified?
  3. Abortion - Should abortions of any kind be permitted?
  4. Same sex marriage - Is same sex marriage wrong and should it be illegal?
  5. Animal testing - Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals for human purposes?
  6. Guantanamo Bay - Is Guantanamo Bay's existence justified, or should it be closed?
  7. Prostitution - Should prostitution be legalized?
  8. Euthanasia - Should euthanasia or assisted suicide be legalized?
  9. Marijuana, Legalization of - Should marijuana be legalized?
  10. Polygamy - Should polygamous marriages (to more than one person) be legal?

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