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Portal pages are pages you and others can create to act as a "portal" into a particular subject area on Debatepedia where you can get links to articles, understand what the community is working on in the field (and join in), and to gain a better background knowledge of that area. These are a critical component of browsing on Debatepedia. Links should be made from Portal pages to Category pages so that you can travel back and forth easily.

Making portal pages:

Creating Portal Pages is like creating any other page on Debatepedia, and anyone is welcome to do it. See Debatepedia:Creating New Pages.

Developing takes more finesse than simply creating them. Wikipedia is a good reference for developing portal pages. Debatepedia will follow this general model. Take a look at Wikipedia's "Portal:List of Portals"

How to find a portal

How to make a good portal

Most portals contain the following for readers:

  • Links into the main category for the topic and possibly subcategories (some portals actually appear in the description page for the main category)
  • General info about the subject, or links thereto
  • Links to related portals (using templates) and for editors.
  • Links to related WikiProjects. You can use Template:Wikimedia to add Wikimedia Sister Projects' links to your portal (links to news, images and so on).
  • Links to specific articles or tasks
  • Collaboration of the week, month, etc.

You may want to embark on an effort to fill the related categories with appropriate articles if this has not been done already (or add it to the portal's "todo" list so visitors can help out).

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