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Argument pages are primarily pages that link out from argument summaries on main debate pages, and that allow editors to expansively document the potentially massive body of supporting evidence for an argument. Supporting evidence can include:

  • Quotes from credible sources.
  • Summaries of arguments made by credible sources.
  • Links to articles that clearly provide support.
  • Links to supporting studies.
  • Referencing and linking to books that support an argument.

Other things can also be done on argument pages:

  • Listing counter-arguments to the argument of the argument page, and providing links to their pages on Debatepedia.
  • Listing related arguments.

Section organization on argument pages

Argument pages can be organized in whatever way you judge reasonable, and useful to the reader. You can create sections by simply placing two "equal" signs on either side of the title of the section you want to create. You creation subsections with three and then four "equal" signs.

While we encourage you to organize argument pages, and other pages, in whatever way you judge reasonable and useful to the reader, the following is a way in which the organizational structure of an argument page could evolve (recommended):

==Parent debates==

  • Where links to the parent debate(s) can be provided. In many cases, an argument will have multiple applications in different debates.

==Supporting evidence==

===Supporting quotes===

===Supporting articles===

===Supporting studies ===

===Supporting books ===

==Supporting critics ==

== Counter-arguments ==

== Related arguments ==

== References ==

== See also ==

Making an argument page

The easiest way to make an argument page is the following: Go to the debate page where the argument is written. Click the "pencil" editing icon. Once in the editing page, go to the argument. You will be making the argument header (which is the one sentence "claim", conclusion, or summary of the argument) the title of the new argument page that your are making. So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that that argument header (summary) is good and worthy of being made into the title of that argument's new page. This means making it as concise and representative of the broader point as possible.

Now, to make the page. First, you will write "Argument:" in front of the argument. So, "Argument:Chapter 11-style provisions allow a business to reorganise" (this is how Debatepedia and other readers differentiate that this article is an "argument article", opposed to a debate or other article. Then you will place two brackets around this ( [[ ]] ). Click "save page". You will find that the argument is now red. You will be taken to a blank page. Make a section called "== Supporting Evidence ==" and begin researching and documenting supporting evidence, quotes, articles, and links on the new page!

Finally, it is better that the "Argument:" part is excluded from the "rendering" on the actual debate page (it's important to be there as a way to categorize the page as an "argument" page.) You can hide the "Argument:" part by going back to the debate page, clicking "edit", going to the argument, copying the argument and pasting it to the right of your new bracketed argument.

So, this will all look like the following in the editing window:

[[Argument:Chapter 11-style provisions allow a business to reorganise| Chapter 11-style provisions allow a business to reorganise]] 

When you press "save", the new argument page link will appear as:

 Chapter 11-style provisions allow a business to reorganise

Achieving "feature argument status"

Feature argument pages have many criteria. The most important criteria are:

  • Quality of the supporting evidence:
  • That supporting evidence be draw from reliable published sources (see Debatepedia:Editing Policies).
  • Writing, article-construction, and style be sound.
  • Referencing and citations rules are upheld.
  • That the other generic requirements for feature article status be met.

A list of existing feature argument pages on Debatepedia

none yet.

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