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A feature article is a document on this wiki that meets Debatepedia's highest quality standards in terms of writing, research, and presentation and that abides completely with the Debatepedia editing policies. Editors should keep these objectives and motivations in mind when editing articles. When an article achieves feature article status, it may be listed on the main page for a time, and will generally join the list provided below of feature articles on Debatepedia.

General standards for feature articles

All feature articles exhibit the following qualities irrespective of whether they are debate, argument, educational, or other kinds of articles on Debatepedia.

  • Quality Writing and Presentation: The prose is clear, engaging, and upholds a professional standard.
  • Clarity: This refers to achieving a readable text through appropriate diction, smooth sentence structure, and proper grammar. The choice and style of prose are suitable for the article's category and topic. Overall, the article is a cohesive text.
  • Diction: The diction, or words used to express the author's ideas, are serious and professional, yet appeal to a general audience. The words used are precise, specifically embodying what is necessary to express or explain the subject of the article. All key terms are explained, in the text and/or through links to other articles that provide further explanation.
  • Sentence Structure: Sentences are properly constructed and punctuated. The article makes use of sentence variety, without sacrificing meaning and clarity.
  • Grammar: Overall, there are no problems with the article's grammar. For instance, elements such as verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, spelling, quotations, internal links, and hyperlinks are without any serious problem that jeopardizes meaning, readability, and/or style.
  • Engaging: This primarily refers to the cohesive structure and educational merit of the article, but may also include other stylistic features, such as images and other media.
  • Cohesiveness: The article exhibits a sense of artistic unity and academic wholeness. In terms of structure and style, the article is logically coherent, and the major sections, sub-sections, paragraphs, and sentences flow smoothly from one to the next. When necessary, transitions are clearly marked. Overall, the article is logically sound, clear, and unified.
  • Educational Merit: In terms of academic quality, the article utilizes fair definitions, relevant supporting evidence, and appropriate examples. Claims are factually accurate, and fairly represented, without distortions. The article supports its claims through verifiable referencing and transparent citation. For any article to attain the educational merit that wins the trust of its readers, the article needs to communicate its information in a responsible, reliable, and academically ethical manner.
  • Images and Other Media: For attractiveness and variety in presentation, an article may make use of relevant images, charts/diagrams, and other types of media (audio or video), so long as copyright is respected and acknowledged.
  • Professional standard: Especially for Pro/Con or persuasive entries, even though a reader may not agree with everything an entry says, the reader respects the argument being presented, because the argument is well-reasoned, well-supported, and effectively communicated. For general information and educational articles, the same applies, although these types of articles should aim for a greater level of pedagogical objectivity, since their aim is more educational, than persuasive. Nevertheless, although a persuasive argument is by definition slanted, like an educational article, the definitions and evidence used needs to be appropriate, fair, and in this sense, objective. Similarly, the information presented by Community/Culture articles needs to be accurate, representative, appropriate, and educational.

Specific qualities of a feature debate article

Objectives for Debate pages: A feature debate article should have some of the following objectives and characteristics:

  • Briefing quality: This means that a voter, decision-maker, or policy-maker could rely on it for deliberating and deciding on a debate.
  • Comprehensive pros and cons: Includes basically all of the main pro/con arguments in the debate, with sound summaries of those arguments.
  • Sound and valid argument structures: Arguments should be constructed soundly, with a claim (bolded) providing the gist of the argument and its conclusion, and the rest of argument consisting warrants that directly support the claim/conclusion. Some evidence should be provided in the argument summary on the main debate page, but large bodies of supporting evidence for an argument should be reserved for the own pages of individual arguments.
  • Many-to-all of its arguments have been made into their own pages (being linked to on the main debate page), with extensive bodies of supporting evidence in the form of quotes, facts, and other forms of evidence. See Debatepedia:Making Argument Pages
  • Use of reliable sources and citations: Supporting evidence is drawn from and cited to reliable published sources.
  • Language and wording: The language and wording of the article is sober, civil, and dispassionate, although assertive and compelling.

Examples of feature debate articles on Debatepedia:

Specific qualities of a feature argument article

Feature argument status here is based largely on the quality and depth of the supporting evidence provided for the argument. A diversity of quotes, links to articles, and original synthesized facts is desirable. (Also see Debatepedia:Making Argument Pages)

Examples of feature argument articles:

Helpful, relevant pages on Wikipedia

  • The perfect article - Of course, there are some differences between Debatepedia's rules and Wikipedia's, particularly that, in debate articles, neutral language need not be maintained. Nevertheless, Debatepedia demands in these articles that a balanced and fair presentation of pro/con arguments be maintained.
  • Wikipedia:Feature articles

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