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The editor of the week is selected by the founders of Debatepedia each week to be honored on the main page of the site for their exceptional editorial public service. They are volunteer editors that have fit some of the following criteria:

  1. Shown exceptional dedication to Debatepedia's mission of public service by volunteering a significant amount of their editorial effort and passion to improving a Debatepedia page(s), typically a debate page(s), dramatically improving the ability of other citizens to think, deliberate, and draw conclusions.
  2. Shown exceptional editorial, rhetorical skills and fluidity, such that debates, arguments, and evidence can be clearly understood by the public.
  3. Followed Debatepedia's editorial standards and Editing policies, and, equally important, made an effort to enforce Debatepedia's rules by editing existing content to better reflect those rules.
  4. Strengthened the Debatepedia by communicating with other users via their user discussion pages. Engaged on the community forum, opened new debate topics that need opening, and suggested new debate topics, among other community-building efforts. This criteria acknowledges that community-building is one of the highest goals on Debatepedia, as it expands the energy-pool from which we can all draw to fulfill Debatepedia's important public service and mission.

You can nominate someone, even yourself, for this honor by writing so on this page's discussion page.

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