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Debatepedia wants to reward its editors in as many ways as possible. Of course there are certain inherent, mission-based rewards that should excite editors and motivate their continued contributions. These include:

  1. Help yourself develop your position in debates. Framing pro and con arguments and evidence in Debatepedia's logic tree structure enables you to deliberate through complicated debates of relevance to you, take confident positions, and to subsequently take action in your community and society with conviction.
  2. Help other citizens think through complicated debates. Some debate articles are read upwords of 300 times in a single day. By editing, your writing is having a major impact on the impact of hundreds of other citizens on a daily basis. In particular, it helps other citizens "weigh" the pros and cons of important debates just as it helps you do the same. There are few public services as important as helping other citizens think clearly and develop confident convictions.
  3. Impact decision-making. Some of our pro/con articles are the best resources on the web on their topic as far as helping people think-through their personal decision in a complicated debate. Of course, such a tool is proving valuable to decision-makers, particularly in the context of the staffers of leaders using Debatepedia to compile briefings that affect the decisions of leaders.
  4. Improve you writing skills and get feedback from the community. Writing on Debatepedia is an amazing, fast-pace editorial task. And, the advanced editorial community backing Debatepedia can help give you feedback on your writing, and improve it.
  5. Be part of a movement, "the Wikipedia of debate". We all want to belong to something important in the world. Debatepedia, as the budding "Wikipedia of debate", has the potential to change the world. Be part of the community that does this.

But, we want to offer additional rewards to show our appreciation for the work of Debatepedia editors. These include:

  1. Become the editor of the week. Every week, we award the best and most active editor on the site with recognition on the main page of the site, which is viewed by over a thousand people every day.
  2. Elevate an article to feature status, gain recognition. Elevate a debate article, or another article, to "feature article status", which is our highest quality standard. If your article is a debate article, it will receive recognition by being put into the Daily Debate Digest on the main page of Debatepedia. And, you will be given recognition in the feature article page of the site for your notable contributions.
  3. Write the argument of the week. This is the same as the debate of the week, but just for a single argument of notably high quality in its construction and in the depth of the supporting evidence that is provided on the argument page.
  4. Become a Top 10 Editor This will be a list of the top ten best editors on Debatepedia and will be awarded on a rolling basis.
  5. Win the Top-gun Researcher award. This award is given on a monthly basis to those that perform exceptional research and who build supporting evidence in a notably excellent manner.
  6. Win the Top-gun Rhetorician award. This award is given on a monthly basis to the best writer and rhetorician on Debatepedia. This is someone who conveys arguments in their most persuasive, compelling, and concise manner.
  7. Post your awards on your user page. Gain recognition for your hard work and invite your friends to view your accomplishments on your bio pages.

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