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Argument: Civil unions would be a fair compromise and middle ground

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Supporting evidence

  • Steve Swayne, a gay professor of music at Dartmouth College, "The Case for Federal Civil Unions" Valley News 2/28/04 - "Imagine a scenario where Congress passes a law that extends federal benefits to couples that are joined in a civil union. This would respond to those who argue that the only way to obtain federal benefits is through legal marriage and assuages those who want to leave the definition of marriage untouched. The Vermont Compromise also would hand the issue back to state legislatures, which could decide on their own whether to pass state civil union legislation without worry of interference from Washington or other states...Our civil war over gay marriage has already left many emotionally wounded. A battle over the FMA will only multiply the number of casualties. The Vermont Compromise wouldn't satisfy everyone. But it likely would unite us more than divide us."


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