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The People SpeakGlobal Debates occur during ten days in October and March and deal with one topic of contemporary relevance.

The Goal: Participating students will research the selected topic and prepare clear, persuasive arguments for both sides. The debate teams organize an event at their school that will draw the largest number of students they can to hear the arguments presented by the team. All students will vote for the argument they felt was most compelling and persuasive. Votes will be tallied from participating schools with the results appearing on the TPS site in November.

Topics: October 2007 Global Debate Topic: Resolved: Market mechanisms are preferable to regulatory approaches in reducing carbon emissions. This debate, and extensive arguments within it can be found at Debate: Market vs. regulatory approaches to cutting carbon emissions Carbon Emissions: Market vs. Regulatory Approaches (arguments)The March 2008 Global Debate Topic will be announced in September 2007.

Click here to learn who can participate and the United Nations Foundation Global Student Leadership Summit.

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