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Argument: Without aid, US auto collapse will cause massive job loss

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Supporting quotations

Jennifer Granholm. "Save automakers to help economy and security" CNN. 13 Nov. 2008 - The auto industry supports one of every 10 jobs in the United States. A recent study estimated that 3 million jobs nationwide could be lost in one year if these companies are allowed to fail. The devastating impact would be felt in every state and by all kinds of employees.

That's because U.S. automakers buy more U.S.-made steel, aluminum, iron, copper, plastics, rubber, electronics, and computer chips than almost any other company. They provide health care to nearly 2 million Americans and support 775,000 retirees or their survivors through pension benefits.

"Guest column: Auto bailout is a good idea". Greenbay Press Gazette. 2 Dec. 2008 - "The rationale for helping Detroit is unassailable. The auto industry’s rapid demise would throw more than 3 million Americans out of work in a hurry, a shock even the United States might not survive [...] Although direct employment in car and automotive-parts plants is relatively low when measured against the total of jobs in the United States, the number of jobs dependent on the auto industry is enormous. From the corner tavern bartenders to college professors educating children of middle-class autoworkers, real people would feel the effects of incomes no longer there [...] The potential economic devastation is so frightening, I think political leaders would not want to risk it. That is why Obama’s request to Bush must be seen as a commitment to prevent economic catastrophe."

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