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Argument: Wikipedia cannot succeed with information as Linux succeeded with software

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Supporting quotations

Andrew Orlowski, "Why Wikipedia isn't like Linux," The Register (27 Oct. 2005). - "Some people need scrupulously accurate information, and some people are happy with myths and misinformation. Sometimes you just need some information, and sometimes you need accurate information." (Tom Panelas, Britannica spokesperson)

"It was always a doomed idea. It was bad from the start. But it's got the public playing the encyclopedia game. To extend the analogy, it's also like playing a game in the sense that playing it has no consequences. If something goes wrong, you just restart. No problem!" (Robert McHenry, Britannica editor)
"They are huge fans of the most conspicuous success story in the history of Internet-based collaboration: the Linux kernel. Which is not produced by a radically-democratic value-neutral mob, but rather by a pyramidal hierarchy of maintainers - experts, so judged by their peers - who exercise strong control over what code is allowed in the kernel tree. It's worth reflecting on the reason Wiki-kernel would never fly: code actually has to work, not merely be written." (Carlo Graziani, in a letter to Orlowski).

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