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Argument: Voluntary emissions reduction schemes have low participation levels

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Supporting quotations

Bramley, Matthew. "The Case for Kyoto. The Failure of Voluntary Corporate Action. Pembina Institute and the David Suzuki Foundation. Oct. 2002. - "The level of participation in the VCR, impressive at first sight, turns out on closer inspection to be mediocre. Out of 493 industrial entities registered with VCR in mid-2002, only 102 actually reported their year 2000 emissions by March 31, 2002. Entities reporting to VCR account for less than 55% of emissions from industrial facilities in Canada. Some of Canada’s largest GHG emitters are failing to report to VCR, and the cement, rail, trucking, commercial buildings, aluminum and chemicals sectors are particularly under-represented. Fifty-two industrial entities designated as gold, silver or bronze “champion-level” reporters on the VCR Web site failed to report their year 2000 emissions to VCR. (Section 2.3.)"

Phil Clapp of the U.S. Environmental Trust said of Bush's proposals at the time. - "We're all supposed to have faith that major corporations are going to line up and cut their global warming pollution. They haven't been willing to do that for the last ten years; there's no reason to believe they'll do that for the next ten years."[1]

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