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Argument: Using a cell phone in a car is like drunk driving

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Supporting quotations

"Study: Using cellphone in car like driving drunk". USA Today. 29 June 2006 - "We found that people are as impaired when they drive and talk on a cellphone as they are when they drive intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit" of 0.08%, said study co-author Frank Drews, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah. [see article]

Ray Henke. "Driving Under the Influence of a Cell Phone is as Dangerous as DUI Drunk Driving." Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers - Abstract: Auto Driver Cell Phone Use Results in Driving Impairment as Great as DUI Level Alcohol Intoxication. The “Cell Phone Impaired” Are Even More Likely to Cause Accidents than Drunk Drivers. There Is Good Reason to Believe, from the Literature on the Mechanism of Cell Phone Attentional Impairment and the Mechanism of Inattentional Blindness That Cell Phone Driving Impairment Likely Poses an Even Greater Danger to Motorcyclists. Cell Phone Use Should Be Outlawed While Driving For the Benefit of Everyone, Auto Drivers, Motorcyclists, Bicyclists and Pedestrians Alike. Restricting the Use of Handheld Cell Phones Will Not Solve the Problem Because Cell Phone Associated Driving Impairment Does Not Result From the Manual Tasks Associated With Using a Handheld Cell Phone. To the Contrary, Cell Phone Induced Driving Impairment Results From the Distraction of Driver Attention to Internal Cognitive Tasks Associated with Cell Phone Conversation, Away From the External Visual-Spacial Attention Essential for Driving Tasks. Cell Phone Use Also Increases General Traffic Congestion and Commute Time. The Use of Cell Phones By Drivers is Not Essential nor Beneficial to Our Economy. Any Economic Benefit Associated with Cell Phone Use During Worker Commutes Is Likely Offset by Increased Duration of Commutes for All Workers. War is Declared by Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers and the Battleline is Drawn.

Robert Roy Britt. "Study: Talking on Cell Phone as Dangerous as Driving Drunk". Live Science. 30 June 2006

"Driving While on Cell Phone Worse Than Driving While Drunk". Health Ontario. 29 June 2006 - "As a society, we have agreed on not tolerating the risk associated with drunk driving," said psychologist and lead researcher Frank Drews of the University of Utah. "This study shows us that somebody who is conversing on a cell phone is exposing him or herself and others to a similar risk.”

Jay Wrolstad. "Study: Talking on a Phone Worse than Driving Drunk". Mobile Tech Today. 22 Mar. 2002

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