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Argument: US private insurance is inferior to foreign public-private hybrids

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Supporting quotations

"On the public option". June 29, 2009: "[Gregory Mankiw] studiously avoids the difficult issue of cross-country data on health outcomes, which indicate that Americans clearly do not get the best prices on health care and don't really enjoy better health outcomes than those living in many other developed nations. It also seems worth noting that per-capita spending on health care in America varies widely, as do health outcomes, and it's very difficult to see what relationship, if any, there is between the two variables. In other words, it's not clear that competition in the absence of a public option has turned up any generalisable way to provide affordable, quality health care privately."

Paul Waldman. "The Public Option and the Hope of Health Care Reform". American Prospect. December 23, 2008: "If we're smart and lucky, we might end up with a system resembling the one they have in France (rated by the World Health Organization as the world's best), where basic health insurance is provided by the government, but most people have supplemental private insurance to fill in the gaps in coverage (the Prospect's Ezra Klein has helpfully laid out the basics of the French system here and here). That kind of hybrid system would still allow 'choice,', yet cover everyone and hold down costs."

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