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Argument: US automakers no longer essential to US security

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Supporting quotations

Richard Lardner. "Automakers: Rescue a matter of U.S. security". Associated Press. 19 Nov. 2008 - "Desperate for a $25 billion government rescue package, U.S. automakers and their allies in Washington are warning that U.S. national security would be harmed if Detroit goes under and takes its vast chain of parts suppliers along with it [...] Truth is, that argument is a tough sell. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler long ago exited the defense business. Many of their suppliers make the axles, transmissions and engines used on military vehicles, but defense experts see little risk to the armed forces beyond paying higher prices [...] 'It's a stretch, quite frankly,' said retired Army Lt. Gen. John Caldwell, chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association's combat vehicles division. 'I think they're grasping at straws.'"

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