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Argument: UN Conventions on Narcotics and the Rights of the Child bans marijuana

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Why Cannabis Must Remain Illegal". Drug Watch International. January 12, 2002 - "UNITED NATIONS CONVENTIONS ON NARCOTICS AND THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD Since 1961, cannabis has been included in the U.N. Single Convention (Amended in 1972) on Narcotic Drugs. It is also included in Article 33 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. These Conventions have been ratified by 150 countries. Can they all be wrong?
The reason for the inclusion of cannabis was the evidence of the damage being caused to the individual and to society by the use of this poisonous and addictive intoxicant.
During the past century, physicians and public health officials from countries where cannabis and hashish had been widely used reported on the damaging effects of these drugs on their people and their society. These reports, based on close observation but without the benefit of biochemistry, were at the origin of the U.N. Single Convention of 1960, held in New York City."
The U.N. Convention is a mandate from the people of the world to achieve a global interdiction of drugs of abuse in order to protect public health and safeguard man. These Conventions were unanimously adopted by all U.N. member nations." [it should, therefore, be respected and followed].

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