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Argument: Transporting nuclear waste is a public safety concern

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Supporting evidence

  • "Nuclear's Fatal Flaws: Waste". Public Citizen. Retrieved 1.24.08 - "The continued production of radioactive waste will also require its regular transportation through communities across the country. Transportation routes to Yucca Mountain, for instance, by rail, road and barge, would pass through as many as 45 states and the District of Columbia, putting the dangerous waste within half a mile of 50 million people. The transportation of high-level radioactive waste on this scale, and over such long distances, is unprecedented.
In February 2006, the National Academies of Science (NAS) released a report on the transport of irradiated fuel and high-level radioactive waste in the United States, which identifies several vital issues that must be studied before any large-scale shipments of irradiated nuclear fuel commence. These issues include full-scale crash testing of transport packages under severe accident conditions, a study of security issues, and a study of very-long-duration fires before any waste is shipped. In addition to these technical concerns about transportation, the report questioned DOE’s preparedness for such large-scale shipments, and concluded 'the challenges of sustained implementation should not be underestimated.' It is clear from the report’s recommendations that DOE is not meeting the basic requirements for safe transport."

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