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Argument: Trans fat ban robs free choice, infantilizes citizens

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Supporting quotations

Nick Gillespie. "The Race to Ban What's Bad For Us." Reason. December 11th, 2006: "these bans reduce all of us to the status of children, incapable of making informed choices. Is it quaint to suggest that there's something wrong with that in a country founded on the idea of the individual's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

Art Carden. "Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Fatty Foods." Forbes. March 4th, 2010: "The concerned citizen-busybody has to ask whether treating adults as if they were children is a wise use of resources. And those who wish to control others' behavior have to ask what gives them the right to do so. Criminalizing voluntary trades with which we disagree--like, say, the decision to trade a few dollars for tasty, trans-fat-laden french fries--trivializes the concept of crime and undermines the legitimacy of the legal system."

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