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Argument: Too much focus on migrant markets instead of migrant rights

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Supporting quotations

UNESCO: "The Migrant Workers Convention in Europe: Obstacles to Ratification." 2007: "more attention being paid to the regulation of migration fl ows, both regular and irregular, than with the rights of those that constitute them. While this does not, of itself, create human rights violations, the practical relegation of rights discourse in this fi eld to a status below that of the technical regulation of labour markets or national security will almost inevitably lead to policies and laws that confl ict with the provisions laid down in the ICRMW. [...] Even where migrants’ rights have been mentioned in Community documents, there has, by and large, been little recognition that human rights are involved; rather, the dominant image is one of migrant-as-consumer, and the justifi cation of the rights that are to be granted remains most often an economic one."

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