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Argument: Tibetans lack a unified voice and leadership structure

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Van Jackson. "Tibet's dangerous game". Spero News. April 14, 2008 - "Tibet will have greater international credibility if its people speak with one voice. Staying on message will also increase the likelihood that the Dalai Lama will once again be able to exercise a degree of control over the Tibetan people. This may help to convince China that the Dalai Lama does indeed speak on behalf of his people. At a time when China needs peace in its restive regions more than ever, a unified Tibet may provide the only opportunity for China to consider an agreement with the Dalai Lama that both sides would be able to implement. At the same time, it will not be easy to unify the Tibetan opposition movement, since it has no discernable structure or decision-making authority. The United States should do what it can to help consolidate the Tibetan position but should also acknowledge that it has a necessarily limited role to play in this drama."

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