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Argument: Tibetans in exile enjoy greater freedom currently than autonomy could offer

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Tsoltim N. Shakabpa. "The case againts autonomy for Tibet". January 14, 2008 - "Communist Chinese for an official agreement to have autonomous status for Tibet, we will be surrendering many of the rights we are now entitled to[...]" - "If we enter into an official agreement on autonomy with the Chinese some of the restrictions, including firm restrictions on all foreign and military affairs, we will face are:
  1. Practice of Tibetan religion, culture and traditions within "autonomous" Tibet will be under strict Chinese scrutiny.
  2. Promotion of Tibetan culture, religion and traditions abroad will either be prohibited or restricted as it concerns foreign affairs.
  3. All foreign travel will be controlled and restricted by the Chinese.
  4. Tibetans must carry Chinese passports when traveling abroad.
  5. Tibet can never be represented in any international body or agency.
  6. Foreign investments in Tibet will be controlled by China.
  7. China will have the authority to impound or export from Tibet any valuable Tibetan resources as they can claim it affects Tibet's foreign welfare and affairs.
  8. China will have full control over the flow of the Drichu and Machu Rivers in Tibet as China will claim they affect the Yangtse and Huang Ho Rivers in China since the Drichu becomes the Yangtse in China and the Machu becomes the Huang Ho in China. Any such activity will gravely affect the Tibetan ecological and environmental system.
  9. Tibetans, within Tibet, will never be permitted to record for history all the misdeeds that China inflicted upon Tibet.
  10. Tibetans will never be permitted to claim restitution from China for all the misdeeds (killings and torture) inflicted upon them.
  11. The Chinese will never agree to having the whole of ethnic Tibet under one Tibetan administration.
  12. The Chinese will always deceptively impose their own puppets on a Tibetan administration under an agreement for autonomy.
  13. Tibetans will never be allowed to raise their national flag."

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