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Argument: Tibet recognized at Geneva conventions after WWII

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Supporting quotations

Michael C. van Walt, an international legal scholar and a board member of the International Campaign for Tibet. "Tibet File No.18: The Legal Status of Tibet". Cultural Survival Quarterly (Vol. 12, 1988) - "It should be noted that numerous countries made statements in the course of UN General Assembly debates following the invasion of Tibet that reflected their recognition of Tibet's independent status. Thus, for example, the delegate from the Philippines declared: 'It is not clear that on the eve of the invasion [in] 1950, Tibet was not under the rule of any foreign country.' The delegate from Thailand reminded the assembly that the majority of states 'refute the contention that Tibet is a part of China.' The US joined most other UN members in condemning the Chinese 'aggression' and 'invasion' of Tibet.'"

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