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Argument: Tibet is too integrated into China to break away

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Supporting quotes

  • "Tibet: Its Ownership and Human Rights Situation," also known as the "China White Paper". Issued by Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China in September 1992. (The definitive Chinese Government line on Tibet) - "No plot to split China will ever succeed. The close relations between the Tibetan people and other ethnic groups in China have lasted for several thousand years. And Tibet has been unified with the other provinces and autonomous regions to make up a unitary country for seven centuries. In such a long period of time, Tibet's relations with other provinces and autonomous regions have become closer and closer, and there has never been separation. This is by no means fortuitous. The fundamental reason is that unity or separation has a decisive bearing on the prospering or decline of the Tibetan, Han and all the other ethnic groups of China. Unity spells common prosperity, and separation would mean peril to both parties. The long-lasting unification of Tibet with other parts of China is the inevitable outcome of a long history. So the Han people and the other ethnic groups absolutely will not accept separation of Tibet from China, nor will the Tibetan people themselves."

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