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Argument: There is no evidence that vegetarians are more compassionate

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Supporting quotations

"A Case Against Vegetarianism". Jan 23 2002 - "if we are vegetarians, does it follow that we will be kind and compassionate? Speaking in the Indian context, it would not seem so. Looking at some sordid and conspicuous aspects of Indian society, we are anything but kind and compassionate. Because if we are, then:

    • We would not be corrupt and lazy, because then we would trouble so many human beings
    • We would not indulge in infanticide (which is still widespread in India), a practice that is far more horrible than killing and eating chickens, ducks, cows, goats, etc.
    • We would be less tolerant of dirt, filth and lack of sanitation in our society because that troubles so many people
    • We would not employ young children at home or in our industries taking their childhood away from them
    • We won't be caste-minded because by being so, we indirectly support the wrong practices of discrimination
Since we are solidly spiritual and enlightened beings, these arguments are not enough to penetrate our thick skins. So here are some chilling statistics about domestic violence. It is not easy to mention these contradictions in our personal lives without the risk of being misunderstood. I'm taking this risk.
Going by these facts, we seem very far from being kind and compassionate."

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