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Argument: The filibuster helps protect the will of minority

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Supporting quotations

"A response to arguments that a filibuster on the Estrada nomination is unprecedented or inappropriate." National Women's Law Center: "'Filibusters and cloture votes are sometimes necessary to protect the will of the minority. As Senator Hatch said when other Senators were filibustering a Clinton Administration nomination to the Third Circuit in 1994, the filibuster is “one of the few tools that the minority has to protect itself and those the minority represents.'4 Similarly, conservative commentator George Will has written in defense of the filibuster, 'Democracy is trivialized when reduced to simple majoritarianism – government by adding machine. A mature, nuanced democracy makes provision for respecting not mere numbers but also intensity of feeling.'"

Joanne Mariner. "In Defense of the Filibuster". History News Network. December 9, 2002: "The use of the filibuster is undemocratic, and unquestionably so, to the extent that democracy is equated with simple majority rule. But if democracy is seen as a more complex process in which minorities, too, deserve a voice--and which even recognizes that public officials who belong to a political minority may nonetheless represent majority views on certain issues--then filibusters may have a legitimate role to play."

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