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Argument: The death penalty violates the inalienable right to life

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Supporting quotations

2007 Vatican declaration on the death penalty made at the Paris World Congress against the Death Penalty. - Public opinion has become sensitised and has expressed its concern for a more effective recognition of the inalienable dignity of human beings, and of the universality and integrity of human rights, beginning with the right to life.[1]

Hugo Adam Bedau. "The Case Against the Death Penalty". 1992 - Opposition to the death penalty does not arise from misplaced sympathy for convicted murderers. On the contrary, murder demonstrates a lack of respect for human life. For this very reason, murder is abhorrent, and any policy of state-authorized killings is immoral.

Amnesty International - the Death Penalty "violates the right to life".[2]

Kim Dae-jung, former President of South Korea, Nobel Peace Price winner, The China Post, 2/26/2006. - Capital punishment goes against the foundation of democracy. To end a person's life even in the name of law clearly runs counter to the basic principle of human rights.[3]

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