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Argument: The current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Hadwen Trust - "2. How many animals are used around the world? An estimated 180 million animals are used in experiments every year across the globe. Not all countries keep accurate records of their animal use, and some official figures are likely to be underestimates. In the USA, for example, 80% of animals used (birds, rats and mice) are not included in official figures at all. Across Europe an estimated 13 million animals are used each year, with the UK (nearly 3 million animals) consistently the largest user of laboratory animals. In many cases (including the UK) there are other significant omissions in official statistics. For example, in the UK animals who are bred for research, but subsequently not used, will be killed as ‘surplus’ but not appear in the statistics. Also excluded are animals killed purely for biological products such as blood, or those involved in longer term experiments after the initial first year (any subsequent years of suffering simply disappear from the statistics). The public has a right to know the true number of animals being used each year by the animal research community, and the government should implement complete transparency. (See factsheets in right hand column for latest statistics)."

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