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Argument: The TGD will kill water life in the Yangze river

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "The Great Wall Across the Yangtze". PBS. Retrieved February,14th,2008-"The Three Gorges Dam project threatens many endangered species that are native to the Yangtze River. The baiji dolphin, the ancient river sturgeon and the finless porpoise depend on the Yangtze for their survival. The population of Siberian cranes in Poyang Lake will also be affected by the dam."...
  • Ethan Theuerkauf. "Three Gorges Dam: A Blessing or an Environmental Disaster?". Flat Hat. October 2nd, 2007 - "Species loss in the dam area may be quite drastic. At least three major species are guaranteed to be negatively affected by the dam construction — the endangered Siberian crane, the Yangtze sturgeon and the Yangtze freshwater dolphin. Around one-half of the total population of Siberian cranes lives in the Three Gorges at the low stand of the Yangtze River. The cranes eat aquatic weeds that grow on the bottom, but as the water gets deeper in the Three Gorges area, the cranes may no longer be able to feed on the weeds.
According to the International Rivers Network, hundreds of factories, mines and waste dumps were submerged during the construction of the dam, which is leading to major pollution problems in the Yangtze River and its tributaries. Massive industrial centers upstream are also contributing to pollution problems."

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