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Argument: The Kyoto Protocol stimulates new industries

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Supporting quotations

"Rudd a green light for eco-businesses". December 1, 2007 - ECO-lobbyists emitted tonnes of greenhouse gases this week as carbonated wine corks popped following the victory of the "lower-emission" Labor Party. "We're still drinking bubbly," said one pro-renewable energy advocate midweek.

The more than 400 businesses operating in the energy efficiency and zero emission industries had despaired for their bottom lines after the Coalition's Kyoto stand-off had stalled economic incentives to cut greenhouse emissions for 11 years.

Peter Tabuns. "Kyoto-Lite: It's a Lot Better Than Nothing". Toronto Globe. 24 July 2001 - Also, there will be some who believe Kyoto is too strong. They will bemoan the economic costs, but conveniently ignore the economic opportunities that are presented by conservation and renewable energy -- not to mention the enormous costs if we do nothing.

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