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Argument: The 700 mile fence is not relatively expensive

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • The Daily Interlake, Frank Miele, 10/29/06 - "Phony issue: It’s too expensive to build a fence. Who’s kidding who? We can afford to fight a war in Iraq for $400 billion, but we can’t afford to build a fence for $5 billion? The richest nation in the world, with the best technology and the greatest workers, can’t build a wall that’s 1951 miles long? That’s pretty pathetic when you recall that the ancient Chinese built a nearly 4,000-mile long wall to protect themselves from northern invaders."
  • Washington Post 11/16/06 - "The consensus estimate given publicly, though, was that the project would be worth $2 billion to $2.5 billion [opposed to the $8 to $30 billion estimate presented by the Inspector General]."

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