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Argument: Government programs are more popular than Republicans allege

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Supporting quotations

Government is Good: "The right’s agenda of massive tax cuts and program cutbacks is a radical one that is out of touch with the priorities of most Americans. Polls reveal surprisingly strong citizen support for government spending and public programs.

Anti-government activists like to portray their ideas as mainstream and claim to speak for the political aspirations of common Americans. They would have us believe that their vision of the minimal state is as American as apple pie – merely an extension of Americans’ traditional skepticism toward government. Americans have always disliked government, they say, and we are only following their lead. But once we get beyond this rhetoric and get a good look at the underlying ideas and goals of these anti-government zealots, it becomes clear that their views are far different from the political sentiments of most Americans. Their agenda is much more radical and their hatred of government goes way beyond the natural political cynicism that most citizens have about this institution. The anti-government movement is out of touch with mainstream America; and at its core, it is nothing less than a form of political extremism."

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