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Argument: Stabilizing Greek/EU crisis is essential to US economy

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Supporting quotations

Sam Norton. "Necessary Evil: Why the US Should Push for a Greek Bailout." American Foreign Policy. March 28th, 2010: "With the US facing significant economic challenges of its own, it is easy for it to overlook the impact of the so-called “Great Recession” on the rest of the world. In today’s interconnected marketplace, however, economic problems in foreign countries can have major political ramifications for the rest of the world. Just as the Great Depression contributed to the rise of authoritarian regimes in Europe, today’s economic downturn could lead to the destruction of the American-led liberal order if the negative repercussions of the crisis cannot be contained. [...] One of the most prominent trouble spots in the global economy is Greece. The government’s massive and rapidly expanding debt burden has raised concerns that the nation might be forced to declare bankruptcy. In light of this danger, the US ought to take action to resolve Europe’s internal dilemma. It should push for measures to contain the crisis while preventing similar situations from arising elsewhere."

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