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Argument: Some employers see MBA grads as too expensive

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Supporting quotations

David Hakala. "10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Employee with an M.B.A." HR World. February 21, 2008: "1. Is the candidate affordable? M.B.A. degrees don’t come cheap (at least not the ones from good schools), so many M.B.A.holders price themselves high in the job market in order to cover their student loans. Your company may be paying too much for the added value that it is likely to get. Consider candidates who can do the job for less money."

"Pros and cons of joining an MBA program school." "At times, like in the current period of recession, recruiters are wary of hiring raw talent and investing in their training and rather prefer to hire professionals with experience in the relevant field over those possessing a degree from a reputed B-School."

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