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Argument: Solar shields can be adjusted according to effects

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Supporting quotations

Russel Dovery. "Supervillainy: Astroengineering Global Warming". Kuro5hin. 8 Apr. 2005: "The reduction in incoming sunlight would be 0.5 to 1%, enough to neatly stop global warming and keep temperatures stable. It would give us time to stabilise our emissions, then start the long process of filtering greenhouse gases back out of the atmosphere and storing them somewhere. The Lens can of course be adjusted, so as greenhouse gas levels dropped the diffusion effect would be reduced as well, until we reached a point where the Lens was no longer required and could be safely dismantled, or more playfully used to frighten the hell out of everyone in a medium-sized nation with an appropriate orbital insertion to enter the Earth's atmosphere flat-on."

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