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Argument: Socialism Has Shown Itself to be Very Efficient

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A prime example of this is the Spanish Revolution. Information and explanations are given on the Spanish revolution in the argument (and argument page) socialism has greatly improved societies (in the history section) and information on how socialism in the Spanish revolution not only brought prosperity and improvement of life to the Spanish people, but also economic efficiency is given. To take a few examples, In socialist Aragon, in which 70% if the rural population had voluntarily collectivised (the rest had chosen not to and were given the freedom to do so), productivity rose 20% during the time of the revolution. According to Dave Markland "agricultural production and deliveries were strongest in the anarchist [socialist] areas" of Spain. According to Gaston Leval "the Peasant Federation of Levant . . . produced more than half of the total orange crop in Spain: almost four million kilos (1 kilo equals about 2 and one-fourth pounds). It then transported and sold through its own commercial organisation (no middlemen) more than 70% of the crop." And in Montblanc, according to Jese Peirats, "The land, improved by modern cultivation with tractors, yielded much bigger and better crops." And all of this was achieved while fighting a civil war and a against a counter-revolution, both of which caused massive drains on the resources of socialist Spain. More information can be found in the argument page of socialism has greatly improved societies (in the history section). For detail on the efficiency of the Spanish revolution see "Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship" (the first chapter of Chomsky On Anarchsim) by Noam Chomsky. Chomsky proves case by case that the anarchist controlled areas were among the most efficient in Spain, as well as improving conditions the most for the workers and peasants.

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