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Argument: So many are uninsured in America due to government regulations

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Supporting quotations

"Against Universal Coverage". National Review Online. June 21, 2007 - "The health-care debate has centered on the uninsured. That so many people do not have health insurance is a consequence of foolish government policies: regulations that raise the price of insurance, and a tax code that ensures that most people get their insurance through their employer. If you don’t work for a company that provides health insurance, you’re out of luck. People locked out of the insurance system still have access to health care. But they often end up in emergency rooms because they did not receive preventive care."

Brian Schwartz. "Universal Health Care Is the Wrong Prescription". The Heartland Institute. June 1, 2008 - "While 'universal health care' may provide health insurance, it doesn't guarantee health care. The uninsured are not the problem but instead are a symptom of the real problem: Government meddling in personal choices over how we care for ourselves and our families."

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