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Argument: Sex-ed empowers informed decisions about risks of sex

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Veronica Salazar. "Abstinence-only fails to stop early pregnancies, diseases". USA Today. 30 July 2007 - "Texas, where Audelo teaches, is an abstinence-only state. She says most of her students know nothing about herpes. One young woman told Audelo that the HIV virus can be spread through sneezing. They deserve a program that teaches them the risks of sex and guides them toward wise decisions about how to handle it."

"Editorial: Sex ed/Abstinence-only is unrealistic". Star Tribune. 6 Dec. 2004 - Adolescents experience hormonal changes as a natural part of becoming sexual beings. That cannot be stopped by pretending it isn't happening or using distorted antisex scare tactics. Schools, parents and government should offer students the best, most complete and honest information available to help them make wise choices -- whether they choose to remain chaste or have sex.

Stephanie Birch, the state chief for women's, children's and family health. - "In fairness to all teens, educating them about all of the options is the best thing."[1]

"EDITORIAL: Abstinence-only sex ed won't work." The Michigan Journal. 9 Sept. 2008 - We at The Michigan Journal feel that a good sex education program instituted in high schools across the country could help young adults make better choices when it comes to sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

"EDITORIAL: Abstinence-only sex ed won't work." The Michigan Journal. 9 Sept. 2008 - the "don't ask, don't tell" approach to sex and young adults does not work. Young adults need to be able to make a well-rounded, informed decision.

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