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Argument: Secession no solution for discontented Bosnian Serbs

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Supporting quotations

Valery Perry. "The Republika Srpska Debate in Bosnia and Herzegovina". April 2008 - "From the Nation-state to the Civic State As long as the Westphalian notion of the nation-state retains primacy in thinking and policy, ethnic cleansing and partition (in either order) will continue to be an accepted method of seeking stateness and legitimacy. The policy community must find improved ways of removing the incentive of a disgruntled group to declare oneself a state. This will not be simple, but it could be achieved through a dedicated combination of democracy building, development and adherence to international human rights conventions. Ensuring the devolution of governance/subsidiarity in democratizing countries, though under a framework of state-level/international guiding principles, can meet community and higher level political and social interests. Developing stronger mechanisms for diversity and minority rights [...] The question U.S. policymakers must ask is how the effort in BiH can yet succeed, for if a multinational, democratic state cannot be successfully consolidated in Europe’s backyard, there is little hope for other such parts of the world. That would be a dim vision of the future, and one marked by separation, segregation and conflict that would ultimately come at a high human cost."

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