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Argument: Restaurants can cheaply calculate calories with new software

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Supporting quotations

"Big restaurant chains say menu calorie count law doesn’t go far enough". Calorie Lab: "Providing calorie counts on menus requires restaurants to know how many calories are in different foods, of course, and the legislation says that restaurants can use software that includes the calorie counts of many ingredients to determine their foods’ calorie counts, rather than relying on more expensive analytical methods."

"A recipe for controversy" Los Angeles Times (editorial). August 10, 2009: "The compliance costs are small. Software is available for as little as $20 that can calculate the calorie tab for meals, based on their ingredients. Chains would have to reprint their menus or add numbers to the menu boards above the counter, but that's hardly a budget-buster. The real worry for the eateries is that if consumers discovered, for example, that a Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl at Carl's Jr. (which sounds like a diet-conscious choice) has a whopping 900 calories, they might not buy it, forcing the company to create new offerings -- and that could indeed turn out to be expensive. To which we respond: tough luck."

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