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Argument: Republicans believe govt most effective when decentralized

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Supporting quotations

"GOP vs. Democrats." Arizona Republican Party: "Republicans believe governmental power and resources should be kept close to the people, through their state and community public servants, rather than centralized in distant big government. [...] Democrats believe the federal government knows how and where to spend money for local needs better than elected community leaders, and federal bureaucrats should continue to control the flow of funds to the states and localities and dictate how the taxpayer s money will be spent. [...] Republicans believe in solutions decided upon and implemented by the people themselves, through their locally elected representatives. [...] Democrats believe in a powerful, centralized bureaucracy aimed at solving local and nation problems from the top down—a method that has failed everywhere it has been tried throughout history."

Can Tran. "Democrat vs. Republican: Political philosophies." Helium: "Republicans believe in a smaller role of the central government. It means that the Republican philosophy reflects upon the power of individuality. In regards to the country, it focuses a lot on States' rights. You have your federal government and your state governments. [...] That means that Republicans do not want the federal government imposing on the state governments. Most of the power will lie in the hands of the state governments. It brings more power to the state governors. Also, this extends to the counties of the state. It would mean a smaller role of state government in those states."

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