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Argument: Republicans are more closely aligned with big corporations

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Supporting quotations

David Carlin. "Why I'm Not a Republican." Inside Catholic. September 6th, 2008: "Aristotle's Politics. The normal condition of politics in a Greek city-state, as Aristotle saw it, was a struggle between oligarchs (the relatively small number of rich) and democrats (the non-rich majority). In order to maintain a peaceful and orderly society, it was necessary to maintain a balance between the oligarchy and the democracy, with neither party becoming so dominant as to drive the other to revolution-provoking exasperation. In a modern industrial society, it is normal that there should be two principal parties, one dominated by big business, the other by the "little people." Ever since the presidency of General Grant (1869-77), the GOP has been dominated -- and continues today to be dominated -- by big-business interests. (My Republican friends, I observe, hate to be told this, but it's true all the same.) [...] Now I have no objection to the fact that big business dominates one of our major political parties. It is right that this should be so -- what a strange world it would be if big business, with its great intelligence and vast resources, were not able to dominate one of our two parties! It's just that I, for reasons of temperament and personal history, prefer being with the party of the 'little people.'"

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